Company Representation

We can handle one-off corporate issues and business transactions, or serve in a full-service outside General Counsel function.

These are areas of corporate law we handle:

-  Emerging companies (startups)

-  Business transactions

-  Investment structuring and negotiation

-  Real estate funds (corporate formation and private placement memorandums)

-  Corporate entity formation and documentation

-  Legal opinions

-  Officer’s certificates

-  Legal and regulatory compliance, including SEC, NYSE, NASDAQ, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Patriot Act and Dodd-Frank

-  Insider reports and periodic reports (10-Qs, 10-K, proxy statement and 8-Ks)

-  Board resolutions and minutes

-  Mergers and acquisitions

-  Securities

-  Legal department operations and efficiency

-  “Best practices” corporate policies and procedures